Glass Services

Our glass service includes everything auto related but also home and office glass repair and replacement.

windshield replacement

Auto Glass

Linus Auto Glass installs auto glass for your vehicle. If you need windshield repair or windshield replacement our company has the experience and service you can trust.

Door Glass

Car window glass and vent glass repair service includes a technician that will inspect moving mechanisms such as power windows to ensure proper function at time of installation.

door glass


Plexiglass has many uses for your home and office.  We also use plexiglass for restaurants.

Linus Auto Glass provides a wide range of acrylic products.

Plexiglass, Lexan and Bullet Resistant

car door mirror

Safety Glass

Linus Auto Glass also sells safety glass in either wired, laminated or tempered.  Safety glass has many uses in the home or office. 

window repair


Linus Auto Glass offers full service side view mirror replacement. We can also provide just the mirror lenses or full mirror body – depending on damage done (vandalism/stolen)

Window Repair

Linus Auto Glass can repair broken glass windows for your home or office.  You can bring the window in to our office located in Philadelphia or if its a big glass door or window we can arrange to come to your location.

patio screen door repair

Furniture Tops

Linus Auto Glass offers both 1/8 and 1/4 glass and mirror in stock with 3/8, 1/2 and even 3/4 available upon request. Sample to complex cuts can be reproduced.

bottle cutting idea

Screen Door Repair

Sometimes screen doors can crack or break. If this happens just bring your screen into our shop and we will fix it for you.

furniture top repair

Bottle Cutting

At Linus Auto Glass, we can cut your favorite bottles and re purpose them to make beautiful candle holders as well as beautiful glassware i.e drinking glasses and cocktail glasses. Ideal for homes as well as commercial restaurants/bars. We cut the bottles and wet polish them for a smooth safe finish.